Social Finance

Social Finance


What is Social Finance?

Social finance enables organizations to access new money to enhance their impact. Social finance is repayable investment that supports positive social, environmental, and/or cultural impact.

Organizations can complement grants, donations, contracts and other forms of earned income with repayable social finance like loans and equity investments. These investments are used by organizations to carry out activities that advance their mission and to generate savings or income that they can use to repay investors.

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The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF) is helping Canadian co-operatives grow by providing access to much-needed capital. The Fund provides alternative financing for co-operatives that are creating long-term community benefits throughout Canada.

The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) funds can be used to finance services such as feasibility studies or pilot programs to demonstrate to investors an initiatives’ strength and success. There is complementarity in accessing the IRP in order to participate in the Social Finance Fund and the CCIF. Click on this link for financing examples that illustrate how we have worked with co-operatives to meet their financing needs.

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