Presentation of the Resources section

CMC acts as a knowledge mobilizer and serves as a bridge between co-operatives and the Social Innovation (SI) and Social Finance (FS) ecosystem.

This Resources section (which is also accessible on the homepage through the matchmaking function) has been designed in three sub-categories:

  • The co-operative sector : This section educates partners on the values and principles that define co-operative structures, as well as the social impact and innovation opportunities that they offer.
  • The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) : This section is meant for co-operatives, to allow them to better understand the ecosystem’s terminology, resources and opportunities.
  • Access IRP Funding : to facilitate the participation of Canada’s national ecosystem of small, medium and large co-operatives in the various funding cycles.

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A total of 59 co-operative projects received over $3.46 million in funding as social purpose organizations, through the Government of Canada project. Click here to learn more.