CMC acts as an ecosystem builder and serves as a bridge between co-operatives and the Social Innovation (SI) and Social Finance (SF) ecosystem. 

If you want to learn more about social finance in Canada, you can consult the summary (5 pages) or complete (60 pages) report of the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners (TIIP).

You can consult an overview of the IRP pilot project and its impact on co-ops.

If you are an investor or a developer and want to learn more about the co-op sector, please consult our co-op guide for funders and impact investors.

Click on the Service Providers page if you wish to browse the list of expert service providers for the co-operative sector.

Consult the list of the 59 co-operatives who received funding from the IRP pilot project.

Want to learn more about other co-operatives that received social financing or impact investing? Consult our list of co-ops that received that type of financing.