Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada is here to help you navigate the Investment Readiness Program (IRP)

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada is proud to be an ecosystem builder and to facilitate access to the federal government’s Investment Readiness Program (IRP) for co-operatives and mutuals, recognized as social purpose organizations. CMC’s role as an ecosystem is to inform the co-op sector of the Program and support them in their application process.

What is the Investment Readiness Program (IRP)?

The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) is an intiative of the federal government to support the $50 million grants and contributions program designed to support social purpose organizations (SPO’s), of which the co-operatives and the mutuals are part of, as they contribute to solving pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges across Canada.

The IRP funds can be used by co-operatives, mutuals and other social entreprises to prepare to receive social funding by getting help to do market analysis, develop new products and services, build business plans, and acquire technical expertise.

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Funding Cycles are CLOSED

All of the funding partners have concluded their funding cycles for 2022/23.  Check our blog for announcements on the co-ops that received funding in this round of the IRP.

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Assist to one of the Investment Readiness Program (IRP) events hosted by CMC to learn more about the funding cycles, the funders, how to write to apply for a grant and much more!