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CMC facilitates access to the federal government’s Investment Readiness Program (IRP) for co-operatives, recognized as social purpose organizations. This program has financed the development of co-operatives so that they can maximize their impact and their importance in the community.

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Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

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Designated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) as an awareness partner within the Investment Readiness Program (IRP), CMC:

  • encourages co-operatives to participate in the IRP
  • facilitates access to IRP funding for co-operatives
  • ensures that the needs of the co-operative sector and the strengths of its business model are considered by all IRP partners
Information on the IRP based on your needs

Updates on the evolution of the programme and initiatives for co-operatives

Invitation to IRP events, including workshops

All the IRP events so you don’t miss any

Updates on expert service providers

When new expert service providers for the co-operative sector are added to the list

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